BEYXND is an independent, street-couture brand, established in Denmark in late 2012. The brand was established with one certain goal – to pass on unique, artistic concepts through quality garments which bring attention to the individual who wears it. Since our establishment, we have held on to this goal, which is why neither of our products are of mass-production. Everything is limited, which is what makes our garments so unique to the public. With this goal in mind, we hope to achieve our vision of combining exclusivity and comfort into one unique piece of clothing.

BEYXND is for everyone wanting to dress with style, and at the same time break the norm by being a visual rebel. That’s why we’re allowed to say that we have the absolute coolest personalities rocking our clothes back in Denmark – and that’s our goal here in England, too. When all is said and done, it’s YOU who has made BEYXND what it is today, and we thank you for creating an ageless story.